Alanté Vineyard – A Defining Label

The release of the 2006 vintage Alanté Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon symbolizes a bold forward progression from family tradition to public celebration. On this occasion, the Van den Bosch Family commissioned a new label that captures both the wine’s rustic origins and its focused yet complex character. The striking label was designed by Vicens Vilà, a family friend and proud Spaniard who recently moved from Barcelona to California. The label introduces the new Alanté monogram: a dark red brush stroke of a hand-written lower-case cursive letter "a".


The brush stroke conveys the idea of a handmade and rustic work of art.  Its soft curve symbolizes the smoothness of the wine. The arrow at the end of the tail is a "wink" to those who relate Alanté to the Spanish word "adelante" (progress), colloquially pronounced "alante" with the stress on the second "a". The colors also draw from the wine’s characteristics. Burgundy represents our passion for wine, while black expresses its elegant sophistication. The golden letters stand for excellence and superb value.

Alanté Vineyard

2006 Alanté Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon